A Real-Life Rob

Here is a memoir, Love is a Mix Tape, by Rob Sheffield (he’s even named Rob!), someone who appears to be a lot like the Rob from the Hornby novel we’re reading. I heard about it — & heard him interviewed — on this radio show, which sort of boils this whole class down into a single hour. There is also an interview with Sister Rosetta Tharp, who may have invented rock n roll & an interview with novelist Jonathan Lethem about his novel You Don’t Love Me Yet, about an alternative rock band in LA.

4 Responses to “A Real-Life Rob”

  1.   Frances Says:

    I actually saw Love is a Mix Tape in the bookstore and it caught my eye because of this blog. I sat down and started reading it and it did remind me very much of Rob. The only difference being that it was an actual memoir. I think music is an excellent form of communication and expression and if music is your life what other way is there to tell someone how you really feel about them? The idea of a mix tape as a showing of feelings is slightly amusing to me but I guess it’s as valid as anything.

  2.   Laura Says:

    In both Love is a Mix Tape and High Fidelity their obsession with music may have gone a bit beyond a healthy hobby. As said by Rob, music can sometimes take you beyond reality in a way that harms your real life relationships. It provides an escape, which in and of itself is a positive, but in both their cases, it seems to hold them back from success in things such as work, love, and family. However, when they find a balance between music and their actual lives, music is a great thing that helps to provide them with sensitivity and empathy. I think that the main point of all this is that an obsession and love of music can be a great thing that can enhance one’s quality of life, as long as it doesn’t replace real world interactions and relationships.

  3.   Steven Brown Says:

    I know this is off topic of the post to some extent, but I really found it intresting to see another blog dealing with High Fidelity’s Top-Five lists and how many people can relate to them.

  4.   Rosellen Says:

    I think that every person uses music as a way to show what emotion they are holding at that time. I think its in our nature to have changing moods and with it chaning music likes. For me sometimes ill get angry as slow songs when im not in the mood to listen to them.

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