Not all Artists are Messed Up

Here is a portrait of the jazz singer Diana Reeves. Her music is well worth a listen. Before reading this, I didn’t know anything about her biography.

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  1.   Dora Says:

    I thought it was interesting how close she lived to her family. The article said she was only down the road from her mother, who still lived in the same house, as well as her sister who also lived nearby. It seems to me that most artists are trying to escape their past, much like how Dylan claimed repeatedly he had none. Art has always seemed a way of reinventing one’s self, yet here Diana Reeves embraces her past and leads a very artistic lifestyle. It’s refreshing.

  2.   Zac Says:

    I agree with Dora. I admire Reeves for being able to perform artistically while keeping in touch with her roots. At the same time, I understand why Dylan left his home. I guess artists just do whatever works for them.

  3.   Kevin Says:

    I would have to say that I agree with Dora and Zach, I too like how she stayed grounded and stayed with her family and did not forget about them. She always reflected on her past. Unlike Dylan who when ask about his past he just use to say that he had none.

  4.   Mike Says:

    I agree, I think it takes allot to stay near your family when you become known. These artist move away for a reason, when they stay in there home town people who never recognized them and gave them a hard time growing up come around and seem to forget what they have done to them. This way the artist can in some way start over and try to forget their past.

  5.   Evan Says:

    Reeves did stay connected with her roots and with the roots of her style of music. Her music didn’t sound at all modern to me. She was influenced by Aretha Franklin and by racism that surrounded her. She was a very passionate singer and was very passionate about her music. She said spirit is what makes a great singer and believe thats what made her a great singer. I would say that because if this is why she is not “messed up”.

  6.   Lauren Says:

    It’s good to see that all pop artists (including jazz and blues artists as well) aren’t predestined to meet a drug-filled end. Like Dora said, it was interesting to note that she lived close to her family, but not so surprising, since she came from a musical family (I read that her mother, Vada Swanson, played the trumpet, her cousin, George Duke, is a popular piano and keyboard player and producer, and her uncle, Charles Burell, is a bass player with the Denver Symphony Orchestra). I also read that she appeared and sang in the movie “Good Night and Good Luck.” It’s good to see an artist who is a bit more down to earth in a sense.

  7.   Stephen Says:

    I like that Reeves has a more rooted rather than modern sound to her music. I am always on the hunt for what the older eras of music have to offer, and Reeves has something to offer. She has a real deep and genuine sound to her and it makes for an easy listen.

  8.   Sean Bonnell Says:

    Diana Reeves creates a positive incongruity against the stereotype of artists being messed up. After reading the article Reeves seems very down to earth. The description of her making dinner really caught my attention and helped me realize how normal she was. I agree with everyone else that she embraced her past unlike Joplin, Dylan and many others. I especially liked Mikes comment on why artists generally leave home. His explanation seems very valid to me when analyzing Joplin’s past.

  9.   shannon m Says:

    It seems that Diana is a very down to earth well read person. Her ties with family reflect in her music. She has a very old feel to her songs, her voice is beautiful something you don’t find much today especially in popular music.

  10.   Jasmine Says:

    It is hard to be heard, recognized, and successful without having the flaws like the other musicians. It seems like to be known, you need an edge or something to make you seem like a rebel who just doesn’t care whether or not the audience or critics like their music. It makes them seem like they will express theirselves through music and letting out their true emotions no matter what. But with Reeves you have someone who is talented, educated, and is beginning to break the image of the artists needing to be sprung out on drugs. One could even say she is rebeling against the stereotype by being a positive influence in every aspect possible.

  11.   birch Says:

    After reading this article, it seems that Reeves is a very normal person. She was considered to be a very radical and messed up singer. This article shows tha shes not really like that. She seems very down to earth in this

  12.   Michaele-Lynne Says:

    It was very refreshing to read this. I get sick of hearing about all of the Hollywood and celebrity drama. If I was famous, I would hope to be as down to eath as she is. We need more poeple like her around. Fantastic voice as well…

  13.   Jeff Crompton Says:

    I like how through the tough times as a child and now the great time as a singer she has stayed close to her family. Many artists move away from their family because they feel that they are the source of the problem, but Reeves stayed close to them and I believe thats what makes her music more unique than anyone of the time.

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