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Thanks for a great class. I particularly appreciated your suggestions & responses in class today. I’ll do my best to incorporate them in future versions of the class. If there’s anything else you want to say, this is the place. (Comments here count toward your totals for grading purposes.)

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  1.   Rod B Says:

    Professor, I really did enjoy this class quite a bit. Being an English (ish) major at Clarkson makes it hard for me to find particular classes that I like. This was one of them. The combination of English and Music worked awesome for me. I’m a huge fan of jazz music and especially the blues. All in all I enjoyed this class thoroughly. The only suggestion I have would be including more lyrics into the English side of the class. Other than that, I had a great semester

  2.   Sean Bonnell Says:

    I thought the class was a great learning experience. I never knew much about the history of music and how it’s progressed until this class. I was never a big fan of blues, jazz or folk music but now I enjoy them. It amazes me how musical genres are all tied together. This class taught me to respect music for what it is and not to ignore it until you’ve at least heard it once. I really enjoyed the essays I was able to write. The research I had to do gave me a better understanding of many of the concepts we discussed in class. I for one think there should be a second course that picks up where we left off.

  3.   Lauren Says:

    All in all, this was a great class. Like I said, when I signed up for this class, it was a last resort kind of deal. It was the only class that fit into my schedule. I was a bit disappointed in this fact, because I have taken classes in the past where I listened to a piece of music or read a book and then wrote and essay, so there really wasn’t anything to look forward to. But this class really challeneged me to think about how music really relates to culture. It was nice to look at pop culture instead of high culture. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Like someone said in class, it’s nice to have a little change of pace and not look at numbers and formulas all day.

  4.   Zac Says:

    Like Lauren, I signed up for this course because it fit well into my schedule. I really didn’t know what to expect, but all in all, I enjoyed the class. Most of the books/short stories/movies that we covered related well to the topic material, and although I didn’t participate in the in-class discussions as much as some people, I did take a lot out of those discussions. The only thing I would have liked to have done more of is something that other people have already stated: more analysis of lyrics as poetry or literature. Besides that though, I had a great experience in the class.

  5.   Kevin Says:

    I would just like to say that I learn a lot in this class. For it being the first time be taught I think that it was taught the right way. I personally think Professor that you did a great job in teaching the course and I hope that this course continues here and it expands more.

  6.   Casey O Says:

    I chose this class because I needed the elective and I asked myself as I browsed the list of classes, ‘do I want to read and write papers relating to this?’ I came across this class and realized that I would have no problem reading and writing about music and I have not been let down. Thanks for a class unlike any I’ve had up to this point. I really like the idea of making this blog a more integral part of the daily classes as I found myself often forgetting about this part of the class completely (that’s not a suck up line!!) Best of luck to the future versions of LIT324, enjoy the summer!

  7.   Anne Minor Says:

    I really loved this class. I had a really hard time keeping up with the reading but I really enjoyed the class discussions. It is really cool to have a class in which anything can happen, to have a teacher that is okay with letting those creative juices go and explore tangents. Thank you so much for letting us do that. I have really enjoyed the creativity and flow.

  8.   Sean Cudahy Says:

    I enjoyed this class immensely. Hopefully, Clarkson will continue to offer courses such as this one for years to come.

  9.   Jasmine Says:

    When it came time for me to look for a Knowledge Area class, I asked Prof. Bradburd what would he recommend for me. Luckily, he knew about this new course and told me I should meet with Prof. Duemer to find out more. After meeting Prof. Duemer in his office, which looked more like a library, I loved everything I heard. Since the first day of the course, the class was everything that I imagined. I took a liking to the John Henry and Stagolee stories. It was a nice way to learn about where some lyrics derive from so I can really know what the artists are singing about. I would suggest you only use some parts of Deep Blues. It’s imperative that Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Vintage Baldwin (one of my new favorite books…and I don’t even read!…besides for school), RL’s Dream, and High Fidelity. These books give a good insight into the music world. Train Whistle Guitar is still in the air for me. The three movie selections were good choices. Now that I am thinking about it, Prof. Duemer is similar to the people I discussed in my reflective essay. That is that people who are not the best singer, writer, guitar player, or whatever it may be in the music industry, they are the ones who are the most dedicated, hardworking, and devoted people to music and its production. I think that it is important for Clarkson to expand on their liberal-ness, for lack of better words, and with this course they are getting one step closer. A job well done and if you have anymore classes in the future like this one, I would like to attend.

  10.   Jessica Says:

    I really enjoyed this class. I’ll admit I have never really listened to jazz or blues, and I feel that this class really opened my eyes to different kinds of music and how music has grown over the years. I do feel that at times the reading was some what extensive, but I think you were very understanding with it and always allowed extra time for people to catch up.

  11.   Christina Says:

    I agree with Jessica in that I have never really been introduced to any music like jazz or the blues and it was very interesting. I enjoyed learning about all the different artists. The main thing that impressed me was the music that we have today mostly came from the blues and jazz from back in the day. Overall I think that the class was a good class and that you taught it well. I really liked the fact of how lenient you were with assignments and grading and what not. It was all greatly appreciated.

  12.   shannon m Says:

    I did enjoy this class. The combination of music and literature was quite interesting. I’m usually into reading outside of textbooks because I’ve grown used to them over four years and haven’t had much outside time for reading but I enjoyed reading all of the novels this semester and how they tied in with some aspect of music usually blues/jazz. I’d recommend offering this class again to others as an elective.

  13.   Kelly Whiting Says:

    As several of us mentioned in class, as a senior you start reflecting back at your times here at Clarkson and it is safe to say this class is one that will stick out in my mind as one of the best, as well as most interesting. After going through four years of business and developing into a business woman, I am finding more and more that some of the weirdest conversations come up in the business world and the more well rounded you are the better off you are. You wouldn’t think that talking to a potential boss about music intellectually (or other obscure topics) would get you far but trust me it does and stuff like that happens all the time. So what I am getting at (sorry for the rambling) is I really appreciate the uniqueness of this class and I am really glad I learned about some of the history of blues and some artists because it is apart of our American culture that will forever live on. Also, as I mentioned in class, I really appreciated having professor that truly cares about us students because those are hard to come by and it makes all the difference for a class. (that was also not a “suck up” line but the honest truth!)

  14.   Ariel Says:

    I had a lot of fun in this class. There were a few times where I felt a lack of focus, but that may have been because it was so discussion lead.

    Thanks for another good one Professor Duemer!

  15.   Howard J Says:

    This class allowed us to get to the roots of the music that we love. Everyone in the class had different musical tastes and the topics we studied allowed us to relate our preferences with others, with the understanding that it all has been influenced by the same original music. Whether it is rap, country, or rock, you can find similarities to the ballads, poems, and rhythms created in places like the Mississippi Delta.
    The only aspect of the class that I would change would be showing some more modern music early to capture the attention of the class right away. This would show where the course was headed easier and create more excitement early on.
    This was truly one of my favorite classes that I have taken at Clarkson which probably isn’t a good sign considering I’m a Supply Chain Major. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to study something that allowed us to be more creative and it gave us a release from our everyday studies.
    Thank you Professor Duemer.

  16.   Michaele-Lynne Says:

    Like I said in class on Thursday…This blog is a lifesaver for people like me who can’t think of things to talk in class or are inimidated by all the very “deep” conversations that are going on in class. More than a few times I felt like I had nothing to contribute to the conversation. Congrats to all of you who are very scholarly speakers! You will go far in life! That is where this blog comes into play though…You have time to think about what you want to say and for some people that extra few minutes means the world. (I often felt that the same 8 or 10 people were the only ones talking in the class).
    The class in general, however, I loved. I am such a music geek and was so happy when I saw this on the class list. I hope that there are other classes like this to come to clarkson for all of us who enjoy this type of material.

  17.   Anthony Gorrell Says:

    I also agree with most people that the blogging is a good idea. It is interesting to see what everyone has to say outside of class, and it sometimes makes better conversations than we have in class. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the music we listened to in class but it definitely opened my eyes to a different genre. It helps to broaden your views on something such as music so that you can know what you are talking about when you try to argue with someone about who’s music is better. But definitely I have learned a lot in this class.

  18.   Matt Says:

    This course was certainly one of the best I’ve ever taken here. I’ll keep things short and sweet and agree with Michaele-Lynne on how helpful the weblog is. Now I know I certainly wasn’t the most active member of the class by any means, but it still doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what this course brings to light concerning music and what effects it has on culture. I’m also someone who has a great passion for jazz and the blues being a trumpet player myself. So seeing a class like this really is a breath of fresh air at a university that otherwise wouldn’t seem to have any other options with those who share the same interests in music. Prof. Duemer, you’re a great guy and I can only hope that you continue this class well beyond that 20 year teaching mark.

  19.   Jeff Crompton Says:

    I came into the class not really knowing what to expect. The class was definitely more literature based than I expected. The one trouble I had was that I’m a very shy person and I had trouble speaking in front of the 40-50 kids in our class during discussion. I took a lot out of the course and I now have a much greater respect and appreciation for all the music of the early 1900s to the 1970s. I’ve also made many connections with the music of the past and music of the present day. The books also gave me a look at how music affected not only our culture but the way individual people lived their lives.

  20.   Evan Says:

    I thought the class was amazing. I learned a lot about the history of music through literature. I took the class thinking it would be fun and interesting and it really was. I enjoyed the discussions but Im a very shy person and won’t raise my hand to talk in front of an entire class like that so that was a problem. I enjoyed listening to peoples thoughts though. I also enjoyed the movies we watched. Great class I really enjoyed it!

  21.   Phil T. Says:

    To be honest, I really did not enjoy this class as much as some others. The material itself wasn’t that bad, but it was difficult for me to accomplish the assignments with a much less structured guidelines than I like. I do understand however, that you can’t please everybody’s learning styles and needs to accomplish tasks, I just thought I’d put what I found difficult about the projects/essays out on the table for future thought.

  22.   Mike K Says:

    I picked this class, not because I wanted to, but to get a knowledge area out of the way, and so I didn’t expect too much out of this class. Surprisingly, I got a lot more out of this class than I expected. The only thing I’d like to see is more lyrical analysis, and possibly, near the end of the class, go a little but into the early history of rock and roll (like 1960′s and early 70′s, before the rock most people know) instead of ending the class on what I saw was a tangent with they analysis of poems. Otherwise it was a good class.

  23.   eric Says:

    I got a lot more out of the class than most english courses. I enjoyed learning about the beginnings of our american pop music, but would also appreciate to have been able to analyzie more of the “classic rock.” I believe a lot of interest could be formed, by talking about the more famous artists of recent (past 30) years. I also like the litblog as a way to increase participation. Perhaps being able to integrate user submitted music files, lyrics, etc, could make the blog even better.

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